What You May Want to Know Before You Buy

What you might be asking yourself (or us) before you purchase the program. Feel free to read through all the questions or search keywords in the search bar to the right. Unable to view a discussion you searched for? That might be because you have yet to sign up for the program! Follow this link to get access now: http://www.lovelifeprogram.com/checkout-options/



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    Q: Will I be hungry?

    A: The LoveLife Program is not about deprivation. In this program, you will be eating 3 meals each day plus juices, teas, snacks and supplements.

    There is no calorie counting or fat gram analysis. This is external information, which often serves to further invalidate our own body's true desires. You will learn to listen to the signals your body shares. Hunger and satiety are some of the easiest and first signals you will have the opportunity to tune into. If you are hungry, you are encouraged to eat more foods. Conversely, if you are full, you will wish to dial back.

    Cravings provide an entire other realm of discovery and are often a signal that we are not receiving the right Carbohydrate or Protein Ratios for our unique constitutions. We use these as an opportunity to uncover optimum ‘types’ of foods and ‘times’ of foods, which is called food sequencing.

    You will be guided to find your optimum amounts through our instructions, your body's signals, and the tracking software you fill in each day.

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    Q: How long are the LoveLife Programs?

    A: All versions of our programs begin with Phase 1: 10 days of food-based cleansing to reset, alkalize, nourish and clean the slate. Past clients returning for a Reset may choose to shorten this to 7 days. Phase 1 is an effective standalone cleanse. However, most of our clients feel so good by Day 10 they are motivated to learn how to keep the good momentum going in their daily lives. This is what Phase 2: Discovery, is all about. Discovery includes testing for intolerant items, finding the foods your body loves, refining your personal carb/protein ratio, and discovering easy snacks that make you happy and balance your cravings. The more you discover, the more the rewards keep on giving, each and every day. With all of our tools, we make your discovery process easy!

    Based on how many foods you would like to test, Phase 2 can be as short as 11 days or extend for several weeks.

    In short:

    LoveLife Program: 21 Days 
    LoveLife One-to-One Program: 4.5 weeks

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    Q: How much of a commitment is required?

    A: As one of our clients said – You get out of it what you put into it! The program does require a commitment, however most people feel this commitment is one of the best choices they have ever made.

    Once you begin to access the rewards from the cleanse phase (typically 8-10 days in) the commitment often becomes self-motivating and self-sustaining. There is an adage - We don’t know what we don’t know until we know! Many of us learn to live with sub-par symptoms normalizing these facets of our lives. Once we experience a resolution of a symptom along with an improvement, which for many people can be profound, it becomes “worth it" to learn how to keep it going.

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    Q: Why do I have to remove coffee and artificial sweeteners?

    A: In the early days of our programs, we discovered that getting off coffee and/or artificial sweeteners concurrent with beginning the program created significant and uncomfortable detox symptoms. Clients who follow our Pre-Program Requirements typically experience a much more mild detox. We don’t subscribe to the the “no pain, no gain” approach and we like you too much to see you suffer. 
    Included in the LoveLife kit is our custom blended Awake Tea to help with the transition. It’s a great substitute for your daily coffee ritual. 

    Serious coffee drinker? You have the option of switching to 1 cup of green tea/day beginning a week before your start date. If you choose this route, please continue drinking 1 cup of green tea/day during Phase 1 to prevent coupling caffeine withdrawal and detox.

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    Q: What sweeteners can I use?

    A: Natural sweeteners such as pure stevia, xylitol and honey are fine to use as you lead up to your program. During LoveLife programs, you may use small amounts of stevia and honey. Truvia is not an approved LoveLife sweetener as it contains erythritol, a sugar alcohol that impacts some people's digestive systems.

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    Q: How long does it take to test all of the foods?

    A: The amount of time it takes for each person to integrate their list of foods varies by person depending upon number of reactions and how closely they are able to follow the program. The typical time to test the top 13 most commonly found to be inflammatory foods is between 5 – 7 weeks. This means that many clients opt to continue testing foods on their own after their official LoveLife program has completed. One of our clients said it best, “You get out of it what you put into it."

    Some of our clients opt to do this all in one swoop, while others choose to continue to embrace the power of their reset and test 2-3 foods each time they come back.

    While we love it when people are motivated to keep their momentum going and get the max out of it all at once, we also honor that we all have our own process for change. Our goal for our clients is a true lifestyle shift that equates into knowing how to use food to feel amazing.

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    Q: Is this a vegetarian/vegan program?

    A: The LoveLife program is plant-based and vegetarian for the duration of the first 10 days. Beyond Phase 1 you may begin adding in meat, but our programs do encourage optimizing whole veggies and plant proteins throughout. We also have animal protein additions for athletes in training and others. We’re happy to help you determine if keeping an animal protein in for the first phase is optimal for you.

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    Q: Do I have to do anything to get ready?

    A: All LoveLife programs have important pre-program requirements, which we have found to be important to a safe and happy cleanse experience. Depending upon the amount of artificial sweeteners you consume on a daily basis, we recommend between one week to one month off of all artificial sweeteners prior to signing up. In addition, we require no coffee for a full 7 days prior to beginning the program. However, you may substitute your coffee for one cup of green tea each day to help with the caffeine withdrawal. If you choose to use green tea, we recommend continuing to drink the tea during Phase 1 to avoid combining caffeine withdrawal and detoxing. In terms of planning, some people prefer to take a couple of weeks prior to starting, to wean off of coffee, while others prefer to go cold-turkey a full 7 days out. Upon signing up for the program you will receive a specific Pre-Program checklist and instructions along with other optional recommendations.

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    Q: Is this a fast?

    A: No. Our programs are based upon eating 3 meals per day + juices, shakes and snacks. Our methodology is designed to help each person discover the most optimal diet, which allows them to look and feel their best WITH food.

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    Q: What will I be eating during the program?

    A: LoveLife’s foundation is based upon the basics, which work for most of us. Beyond this, we are all unique and finding these nuances can be life changing. In order to find the nuances, we start with the basics.

    These include real, whole foods: Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, whole beans, whole seeds, approved snacks, vegetable juices and protein shakes.

    These foods are sequenced at particular times of the day using the LoveLife principles. However, based upon the feedback you receive from your body, you will be adapting these foods to suit your particular needs and desires.

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    Q: What foods will I omit?

    A: Many of the foods we omit during Phase 1 are ones that many of us know to be issues for some people such as gluten, soy and dairy. However, we’ve found other foods such as citrus, chicken and nightshades are equally as reactive.

    None of these foods are inherently “bad” foods. One person's superfood is another person’s poison. Citrus is a great example. About 30% of our clients find it to be a problem for them. However, for the 70% for whom it works well, it is a very nutritive food containing high levels of vitamin C while also acting as a great detoxifying agent for the liver.

    During Phase 2 you will begin systematically introducing back in omitted foods, and using your tracker to determine the foods that let you thrive, while also discovering those holding you back.

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    Q: Why test for food intolerances?

    A: Food Intolerances are foods that create inflammation and unwanted reactions. During the first phase of LoveLife programs we omit 13 foods that we have found to be the most common intolerant foods.

    Once we omit these foods, symptoms many of us have learned to normalize can often improve. Food sensitivities or intolerances can create a wide range of undesirable symptoms in your life.

    Some examples past clients have discovered:

    Lifelong “hypoglycemia” and mood swings from tomatoes 
    Allergies, back pain and weight gain from citrus
    Joint inflammation and weight holding from jalapeños 
    Low energy and weight gain from chicken 
    Weight gain and arthritis from soy 
    Obsessive compulsive disorder from coffee 
    Depression from eggs and dairy

    We’re all unique and so are our personal, optimal menus. Most of our clients are surprised to find they have between 1-3 food intolerances and many other food “nuances”. Food nuances include foods that don’t jive with our bodies (but don’t create overt symptoms) and those foods our body loves.

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    Q: Will I be able to travel?

    A: We work with a lot of road warriors and are able to accommodate travel schedules after Phase 1. For the very best experience, we request you not travel for a minimum of 10 days. Giving yourself 2 weeks is even better and waiting 3 full weeks after beginning Phase 1 allows for the best rewards to be accessed. That being said, we do have clients who hit the road running and are able to continue testing foods - it simply requires more planning.

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    Q: How is this different from other diet programs?

    A: Unlike many other diet plans that rely on counting calories, fat grams, etc. and often sacrifice energy levels causing hunger and cravings in the process, LoveLife programs rely on our body’s inner expertise to guide you to the foods that work best for YOU. Discovering the foods that work, and the ones that don’t, allows you to shed unwanted pounds while increasing energy while minimizing cravings and hunger.

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    Q: Will I be able to exercise?

    A: Moderate to light exercise is encouraged. Intense exercise or heavy lifting is discouraged during the 10 days of Phase 1 to give your body time to rest, repair and preserve energy. Additionally, it is also recommended that you avoid heat conditions including saunas, hot yoga, midday heat and running in warm climates during the first 10 days. During the week of the cleanse, your body will thank you if you dial back the intensity of your workouts to allow for deep repair and restoration.

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    Q: What’s a Food Fit?

    A: Your food fit is what happens when you listen to your body. It tells you how to feel better, have more energy, and sleep better. Through the LoveLife program, you will discover which foods make your body happy and which foods...not so much. Tap into your protein needs, and which foods help you drop excess weight, plus so much more!

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    Q: How am I going to feel during the LoveLife program?

    A: While everyone’s experience is different, many people experience something akin to the following: 

    Days 1-3: Typically an adjustment period. Within these first few days it’s common to experience one or two of the following mild symptoms: slight energy dips, spaciness, headaches and gas/bloating. Again, mild is the operative word. Many clients won’t experience any of these symptoms. Our programs meet you where you are and we don’t believe in a “no pain, no gain” philosophy. If you feel poorly, we invite you to follow our easy outlined steps to slow things down. 
    Days 4-7: Cleanse symptoms typically level out. 
    Days 8-12: Rewards kick in for most people (if program followed as designed and all foods omitted) 
    Days 10+: Follow our Discovery Phase to keep Rewards rolling while increasing your arsenal of foods

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    Q: What makes LoveLife different from the Master Cleanse or other juice cleanses?

    A: Unlike many other juice-only cleanses, the LoveLife program is not a fast. Quite the opposite, actually. During LoveLife programs your body is nourished with three healthy, alkalizing meals per day plus nutrient dense Superfoods, snacks, juices, teas, herbs and supplements.

    While you may derive benefits during juice-only cleanses, these benefits are typically short lived and often you end up where you started.

    Because you learn how to reintegrate the right foods for you and eliminate foods that have been sabotaging you, benefits of the LoveLive programs are life-long. Our method enables you to detect your individual food sensitivities including, for some people, citrus (one of the main ingredients in The Master Cleanse). Sugar and large quantities of natural sweeteners are also avoided in this cleanse. With LoveLife you will learn how to transform your life WITH food.

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    Q: I have a chronic illness. Can I participate in LoveLife programs?

    A: Many clients have found uncovering food sensitivities to be very beneficial to their healing. However, we are not physicians and never diagnose or treat. It is advised to receive written approval from either your MD or an integrative medicine MD.

    If you currently have Type 2 Diabetes, written permission from your physician is required to participate in our programs. If you are on blood pressure medicines, LoveLife requires you let your doctor know you will be beginning a dietary, weight loss program.

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    Q: Will I lose weight?

    A: One of the most common experiences is indeed weight loss. Weight loss can occur during the first 10 days, but we are most interested in the weight loss that continues and is maintained after this week. This is often different than many cleanses, in which someone might lose weight initially, only to go back to eating intolerant foods and/or the wrong ratios of foods leading to weight gain. If a food intolerance is discovered and removed, the inflammatory process that causes excess weight is reduced and many people find weight loss easier. In addition, during the cleanse phase, you will experience eating healthy whole foods, which reset your palette and minimize prior food cravings. Discovering your unique carbohydrate to protein balance will also help toward supporting your weight loss initiatives.

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    Q: Will I be able to work?

    A: Yes, most of our clients have very active professional and personal lives.

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    Q: Can I take supplements or vitamins during the cleanse?

    A: Leading up to your program, supplements and vitamins are fine. However, we do recommend holding off during Phase 1 and as you move into Phase 2 and begin testing foods. Why? Because many of the ingredients are items we are removing, isolating and testing them on their own including citrus (Vitamin C), fish and soy (Fish Oil and Vitamin E) among other fillers, etc. 
    Please DO continue taking any and all medications as prescribed by your physician throughout your program. We are not doctors at LoveLife and do not diagnose.

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    Q: I’m an athlete in training, can I participate?

    A: Yes. We have modifications for clients who wish to continue exercising at a higher intensity, and will help guide you after signing up. Many of our athlete level clients have reported improved performance through discovering their food intolerances and optimizing their diet. This is typically experienced in the 2nd to 3rd weeks.

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    Q: Do I have to avoid alcohol the entire time?

    A: One of our most frequently asked questions, when can I get a drink around here? During the first 10 days, it is best to entirely avoid alcohol. However, as you begin introducing new foods after Day 10, we have suggestions about compliant cocktails you can add in.

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